Activism And Culture


What is it all about?

Do you want to change the world around you? Is there a burning issue you think needs addressing? Are you unsure about how to get your voice heard?

Cultural Activism combines artistic expression with the desire for social justice and political change. It uses creative means, such as theatre, poetry, art and music to spread messages to communities and make a positive impact on organisations, governments and society.


When and where?

The introductory meeting will be on Sat 4th November at 5pm-7pm at Stephenson Court, Ivatt Way, Edge Hill, L7 5QZ. This will be followed by a group theatre trip to The Lost Tribes of Everton and Scottie Road. If you would like to come along please contact or call 01513456266. Other activities will include regular Saturday morning discussions about Cultural Activism.


The events and sessions.


Sat 4th November – Introductory Meeting – Riverside Lodge.

Sat 4th November – The Lost Tribes of Scottie Road – Capstone Theatre

Sat 11h November – First Session – Riverside Lodge

Tuesday 14th November – Tanja- The Unity Theatre

Friday 17th November – Miss-Represented – The Black-E

Friday 24th November – Cracked- The Everyman Theatre

Tuesday 28th November – Peggy Seeger – The Philharmonic


More to be announced very soon…