Youth Theatre Perform Changing Words at The Everyman

Last month saw the culmination of our Clore-Duffield Literature Awards-funded project, Changing Words. For the last six months, youth theatre members have been exploring the work of political playwrights past and present, receiving writing masterclasses from artists including Luke Wright, Rommi Smith and Lizzie Nunnery and writing their own original pieces of political theatre. These […]

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Live & Learn Symposium: A Celebration of Arts and Older People, 12th September 2015

Join us for a celebration of arts activity with, by and for older people. This afternoon event will take place on Saturday 12th September, 12:30pm-4pm at The Poppy Centre, Townsend Lane, Liverpool and is for older people, artists, carers, policy makers and anyone interested in good theatre. The event will include: a performance of Wealth is Health by […]

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Theatre for Social Change Masterclass

Collective Encounters specialises in theatre for social change and is now at the forefront of its sector in the UK with a growing international reputation. Over the past 9 years through research and practice the company has developed its own unique approach to Theatre for Social Change, with a clear methodology, rationale and set of processes.Beginning with a brief introduction to theatre for social change, its heritage and range […]

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Creative Theatre Hub Showcase

working with other artists and Collective Encounters staff and company has refreshed my thinking, generated discussion, and opened network opportunities.

Sophie Tickle, Creative Theatre Hub Trainee

We have been running a yearlong training course for six St.Helens locals to develop their capacity as emerging theatre-makers to deliver high-quality performance work outside of theatre buildings, and in particular in libraries. The pilot programme which is now coming to an end, offered one-to-one mentoring and support from members of the Collective Encounters’ team, […]

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South American Blog

Collective Encounters Youth Theatre Director, Matthew Elliott is a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellow, undertaking a research trip exploring youth arts practice in South America. Below are some blog posts he’s written whilst there. 23rd September 2014 – Uruguay It was invigorating to go to a theatre festival where there are 4-6 performances a day and […]

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Evaluation Masterclass – Book now!

Collective Encounters is running a series of masterclasses designed to develop the skills of artists interested in collaborative practice and/or working in the participatory arts sector. The next masterclass in the programme is tackling the art of evaluation and will take place on Saturday 20th September 2014, 10am – 5pm. Most arts practitioners and organisations […]

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