Cracked Tour 2017

//Cracked Tour 2017

The insanities of modern Britain are laid bare in a new play that explored how easy it is for any one of us to fall through the cracks in society, and how hard it is to get back out.

Visually stunning, with a unique physical language and steam punk aesthetic, this stunning performances from Collective Encounters Transitions members was not for the faint hearted. Loud music, shocking stories, powerful performances.  But when things are at their worst, there’s only one place they can go…

In 2017 Cracked went on tour to:

The Everyman Theatre Liverpool

Huyton Library Liverpool

Halton Lodge Liverpool

Albion Electric Warehouse Leeds

Audience Reactions:

“Tremendous cast and great enthusiasm. I was totally won over. “

“Brilliant teaching of a subject that many are afraid to study”

“Really excellent use of difficult theatre techniques to deliver both difficult facts as engaging emotional human stories, making the audience laugh and gasp.”

“I was horrified by the facts it raised. The performances were brilliant.”

“Very moving and powerful”


So what can we do to help?

Get involved in Crisis’s Everybody In Campaign to fight against homelessness –

Volunteer to help a homeless charity such as The Whitechapel Centre –

Support Shelter’s Stable Renting campaign

Find your M.P and contact them –

Find out their voting record –

Contact your local councilor –

Support moves for Basic Income to replace benefits and tackle stigma and prejudice.



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