Youth Theatre

I was made to feel welcome and wanted…It made a big difference that we had help with expenses

CE:YT  meets every Tuesday evening in Liverpool, 6pm – 8.30pm and is open to anyone aged 14 – 25.

All sessions are free, there is no joining fee and we can help with bus and train fares if you have difficulty finding the means to come along.

The Youth Theatre are currently exploring ideas for a new performance which they will continue to develop throughout 2017, for a performance in summer break.

We also find young people to attend regional arts and cultural events throughout the year by paying for tickets and transport. CE:YT works towards new productions each year and also take part in masterclasses led by national practitioners and residencies.

In February 2017 the Youth Theatre are taking part on a cultural exchange with a theatre in Sweden.

Watch this film to see how our youth theatre worked with a professional team of artists  in 2012 to raise awareness of the experiences of young people who were the victims of human trafficking.