Last Summer we worked with PSS to deliver animation workshops with Sefton Young Carers. Over 10 sessions the young people worked with professional film maker Annie Woodson to learn animation techniques such as green screen and stop motion. Under the direction of Collective Encounters Youth Theatre Director Ben Mellor they created characters and developed a story that would accurately reflect the experience of being a carer and how important Sefton Young Carers is.

The course cumulated in a film launch at SPACE (Sefton Performing Arts Creative Education) and invited people who worked in the sector to watch the film, hear from some of the young people involved and ask questions about the project.


Some reactions from the audience: 

“Well done for sharing and having a voice, fabulous”

“We all know that young carers are out there but now we can  see the reality”

“They should feel very proud”

“I was amazed by it”

“Wow, it was brilliant”

“I loved the poetry, it really embedded the message. Really well done”

“I know one of the carers and last year she as dead quiet and the confidence she’s gained…it’s amazing to see”

Feedback from the Young People:

“It was pretty cool to use green screen and stop-motion. There was a lot of experimentation and it was cool to learn new stuff”

“You only learn how to do it by listening to to others and watching others”

“I would tell other Young Carers who have the opportunity to work with artists to just do it. Do it!”

“I personally feel very proud of myself”