Here are some of the highlights of the huge range of plays, both professional and participatory, we have produced over the years .

Our archive:

2005 – Harmony Suite

2008 – Imagine

Smoke and Mirrors

2010 – Songs for Silenced Voices

2012 – In Our Times

Transparent Truths

Teatime with Hetty

Bits That Stick To Your Mind

2013 – In Our Times: An Exposé

2013 – Break Free

Poets of Loss

2014 – Dog Eat Dog

Other Ways of Telling

The Happiness Project

2014-2019 – Transitions

2015 – What if?

Summer Arts College

The Centre

Live and Learn Symposium 

Farewell Welfare

2016 – Changing Words

Make Your Mark

2017 – Same Words, Different Century

Class Act

2017-2019 – Words of Wisdom

2016-2017 – Wealth is Health

2016-2018 –  Cracked

2018 – Keep Pushing

Stepping Into Drama

2019 – In Our Times: 15 years radical

Ageing Better Showcase

The Street Where the Stories Live

Resist! Resist! 

UN International Day of Older Persons Celebration

2020 – Community Power and Action: Above and Beyond Micro-Commissions

Not A Sad Song (We Can Make It)

Speak Up!

This Ink Spells Out My Resilience

Young Homotopia

Mixtape Mondays

Life During Lockdown

2021 – Where You’re At: Creative ESOL Course

Fight for the Future

The Legend of the Mernix

Demo Tapes

Women in [socially distanced] Action


A Dreamer’s Guide to Freedom

2022 – The Ballad of 18 Women