The insanities of modern Britain are laid bare in a new play that explored how easy it is for any one of us to fall through the cracks in society, and how hard it is to get back out.

Visually stunning, with a unique physical language and steam punk aesthetic, this stunning performances from Collective Encounters Transitions members was not for the faint hearted. Loud music, shocking stories, powerful performances.  But when things are at their worst, there’s only one place they can go…


This powerful piece toured Merseyside in December 2016 playing at the following venues;

  • Everyman, EV1, Liverpool
  • St Helens Central Library
  • Huyton Library
  • Kirkby Librry
  • The Spider Project, Birkenhead
  • The Atkinson, Southport


View the programme

Some feedback from the audience;

“A truly exceptional cast who have obviously been well supported in developing the necessary performance skills to allow the messages of the work to come through. A really inspiring piece that reminds us to be responsible for the things we think we don’t have time for. It made me want to act so the programme is very helpful in guiding me with this.”

“More of the same on a national and international scale.”

“Convincing, shocking, believable”

“This really highlights the problems faced every day by so many people. Just shocking”

“I thought the people in it were brilliant”

“It was very moving”

“Wonderful acting, it made me cry”


What You Can Do

Sign a petition to ‘Make discrimination against homeless people a lawfully recognised hate crime’

Volunteer to help a homeless charity such as Crisis Merseyside

Support Shelter’s Affordable Homes Campaign

Get informed about the people who represent you, what they stand for and how to lobby them:

Find you MP & how to contact them

What is their voting record?

Find your local councillor & contact them

Support moves for a Basic Income to replace benefits and tackle stigma and prejudice

Cracked Trailer

“So is that it? Can we leave it thus? Accept the world is just unjust?

    Lie back and take it blow by blow; look on as violence takes it toll…”


Our Candid Talks series gave the Cracked Company members a chance to share what being part of this company meant to them…