The event took place on – Monday 22nd July 2013

Capitalism in Europe is dying. The outcome of 24 months of unprecedented non-violent direct action. Wide spread civic engagement, political discussion and debate have led to legal and regulatory change in the UK and major policy changes across the European Union.

In Britain masses of people have taken to the streets to protest against the economic death spiral and austerity measures that are strangling the poor to safeguard the interests of the rich. These protests have called for an end to multinational corporations sitting on UK Corporate Tax Select Committees and advising on government policy. They have called for greater social justice, for greater income equality and for realistic policy making that prioritises sustainability over the myth of infinite growth.

In Our Times was a play that drew upon utopian and dystopian ideas to expose the reality of living in the UK today through a medley of provocation, performance and participation. The event included extracts from Kellie Smith’s new play ‘Dog Eat Dog’ and the world premiere of Collective Encounters 10 minute long animated opera, ‘Death Invisible’.

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