Brief Encounters is a series of short films offering introductions to ideas and themes within  the participatory theatre sector. These include different perspectives on the values and principles that shape participatory theatre; key publications and articles and points of learning from practitioners in the field. Brief Encounters are accessible in their format and style and we welcome any feedback on the films hosted here and ideas for further provocations and content.

Power Up, commissioned as part of the evaluation process of Creative People and Places, is a provocative look at the role of privilege, cultural capital, politics, reciprocity, values and ethics in socially engaged practice. And in doing so offer what is, hopefully, a readable exploration of some of the important critical thinking around the role of access and participation in the making, curation and production of the arts in bringing about cultural democracy and social justice.

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Artistic Activism is the hybrid practice of the Affect of the Arts and the Effect of Activism. Both are necessary to bring about social change.

The video covers why we felt the need to create the book Culture Democracy and the Right to Make Art. It explains the structure of the book and how we went about the research.It is possible to access all of Culture, Democracy and the Right to Make Art online here. We also write a blog which can be found here.

Two short films that are connected to this book can be found through the links below –

What diversity is, what it isn’t and why it’s important.

Jamie Beddard is an actor and Co-Director of Diverse City. Follow Jamie on twitter.

The different between liberal and radical change in a participatory arts context.

The future of participatory theatre.

Participatory arts is increasing in it’s popularity but is the ‘new’ any good, and what does good participatory arts look and feel like.

What is cultural democracy and why is it an important concept for the arts sector to engage with?

Dr Steven Hadley is an academic, consultant and researcher working internationally in arts management, cultural policy and audience engagement. Follow Steven on twitter.