Since the start of the pandemic Collective Encounters has taken a low-risk approach keeping our workforce, participants and audiences safe.

We recognise both the creative value and joy of being with each other in the same space and the liberating impact creative activity online has had for for some. For example, disabled people, those living with long-term health conditions, carers or those living without access to accessible public transport.

To ensure no-one is left behind after the removal of social distancing restrictions, and that all our learnings from the pandemic can be embraced, Collective Encounters is committed to providing participatory theatre activity through digital interfaces either as a hybrid event or with digital activity embedded into the design of a project. For Collective Encounters, hybrid & digital working is about equity, diversity & inclusion.

When working ‘in the room’ provisions will be made for LFT tests and where necessary highly protective masks for workers and participants, and the use of well-ventilated spaces.

We will continue to address the digital inclusion deficit by providing access to digital hardware, connectivity and skills for those with limited or no access to ensure they can continue or start to engage online.


Collective Encounters, October 2022