Why Donate?

Collective Encounters believes in a universal entitlement to the arts for all people of all ages and from all ethnic, religious, political, social and economic backgrounds. Collective Encounters believes participation, for all, is only possible if the creative experience is free at the point of use.

We also believe artists have a right to earn a living as much as bus drivers, doctors and school teachers and therefore we look to public, private and voluntary sector organisations, agencies and individuals to support the work we do.

Collective Encounters is a registered charity with an average turnover of £350, 000 per year. Just over a quarter comes from Arts Council England. Unlike some charities we have a management policy which does not allow us to run up a large surplus year-on-year meaning we have to continuously fundraise to ensure we can honour our commitment to free art for all.

Are you thinking about donating?

You can either do this through the PayPal button above and below, or if you would like to discuss how your donation will be used to the benefit of communities then get in touch with annette[@]collective-encounters.org.uk.

Your donation will be used to support our work the local communities of the Liverpool City Region.