A multiple choice video and creative charity campaign from Liverpool-based theatre company Collective Encounters using storytelling and theatre for social change.

Find out how you can help to end homelessness, child poverty, social inequality and support campaigns around Justice 4 Grenfell, Age UK, Crisis, Time to Change and more.

Collective Encounters specialises in producing theatre for social change through collaborative practice. By working with those on the margins of society, the company tells untold stories of hardship, disadvantage and poverty to raise awareness, stimulate reflection and discussion, and tackle the local, national and international concerns of our time.

Keep Pushing is our interactive video demonstrating how performance, protest song and innovative digital tools can combine to educate people, challenge political apathy and inspire social change.

The charities and organisations referenced are: Crisis, Time to Change, Age UK, End Child Poverty, People’s Assembly, Keep our NHS Public, Child Poverty Action Group, Campaign Bootcamp, and Justice for Grenfeld.

Play the video to find out:

  • How to help homeless people
  • How to end child poverty
  • How to reduce health inequality and protect the NHS
  • How to work towards social equality
  • How voting makes a difference
  • How to become a councillor and get involved in local politics

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KEEP PUSHING is a Collective Encounters production, supported by The Space, Arts Council England and Culture Liverpool.

CAST: Abi Horsfield, Alma Brown, Andrew Arthur, Anne Gorton, Anne Marie Lemdani, Anthony Scott, Brian Shortall, Dalina Suli, Dave McIlwrath, Denise Kennedy, Eric James Dean, Francis George Marnell, Harriet Warnock, Jane Pratt, John-Paul Smith, June Hudson, Keith Barber, Louis Holmes, Lynda Cash, Maggie Green, Mandy Redvers Rowe, Margaret Marriette, Michael Roberts, Paul Regan, Richard Thompson, Sheree Kenton, Tim Bowman.

CHOIR: Hope Street Harmonies.

TEAM: Sarah Thornton (Art Director), Danny Kilbride (Film Maker & Editor), Craig Gamble (Music Director and lead vocals), Claire Jones (Choir Leader), Alex Ferguson (Producer), Harriet Warnock (Distribution), Annette Burghes (Executive Producer).

Original song created by Simon James (2012); revised orchestration by Craig Gamble.

THANKS: Joe Bell, Katee Woods, Rob Awork, Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse, Hope Street Harmonies, Thinking Films.

Keep Pushing is a music video and a call to action. The video proposes 6 actions viewers can take to make a better world.

Keep Pushing is a commission by The Space. The Space is a BBC Arts and Arts Council England project.
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