we deliver creative courses in school holidays for looked after children and young people

These courses are made up of activities that allow the young people to explore the world around them using theatre, drama, music, visual arts alongside undertaking trips to local arts and heritage venues. Young people learn, create, play and share. All sessions are free and are delivered by a highly-skilled team of multi-disciplinary artists.

They have been running for over a decade and enable young people to:

  • Build confidence, self-esteem and resilience
  • Develop skills in creativity, team work, communication, empathy, digital
  • Develop English as a second langauge
  • Explore issues that matter to them and develop their understanding of the world
  • Address difficult events, experiences and circumstances
  • Achieve a Bronze Arts Award

Call Eleanor on 0151 345 6266 or email her on eleanor@collective-encounters.org.uk to find out more.

Young people can be referred to the programme via their Independent Reviewing Officer, Social Worker, or directly via their carer. Please contact Eleanor to receive a referral form.