We are seeking an Illustrator/Graphic Designer to create an original illustration for the marketing of a new piece of participatory theatre, The Legend of the Mermix.

The Legend of the Mermix is a new piece of theatre that will take place in both the digital sphere and in a physical space. The performance aims to attract audiences of all ages, giving them a magical, fun, hopeful and playful experience. The Legend of the Mermix draws on a range of themes and genres including magical realism, quests and the sea.

The Illustrator/Graphic Designer will work with the creative & marketing team to create a visual concept (either by hand or using software), which will be used to generate a range of marketing assets for social media channels and physical sites.

Fee for illustration/visual concept and 2 to 3 digital marketing assets: £350

To apply please email an example of your work and a CV or biography to tessa@collective-encounters.org.uk

Deadline for applications Monday 28 February, 5pm.