Keep Pushing is an interactive activist music video made with artists from across our programme.  We made the film as part of a BBC/Space commission to develop our digital capacity and extend our reach. We wanted to return to a song and idea we’d developed some years previously and reimagine them in a new way that would bring together some of the campaigns we’d been involved with into one unified creative piece.  We made the film in the run up to our fifteen-year anniversary, so we drew on shows (and characters and costumes) we’ve developed throughout that time, and we tried to bring a sense of the theatrical to the film. We wanted to build on the ‘things you can do’ approach we take through our live theatre one step further and develop a resource that would enable us to bring together issues, campaigns and actions

We made three versions of the film: one involving our performers one drawing on news footage and the final one a ‘behind the scenes’ version. You can see them all here.