Where You’re At is a programme of creative workshops for young people with experience of migration. The project uses theatre for social change processes to recruit, engage, upskill and stimulate debate amongst the migrant community in the Liverpool City Region.

We work in partnership with a range of organisations to help shape our offer and reach those who would benefit. We are always happy to hear from groups who are working to support Liverpool’s migrant community. If you represent such a group – please do not hesitate to get in touch to explore ways we can work together.

For more information contact Michelle Richards. Email: michelle@collective-encounters.org.uk Tel: 07403620529


Where You’re At has worked with 13-18 year olds. Take a listen to the tracks created by the young people during 2020.


Where You’re At is working with 18 -30 year olds. We will be running workshops through the Summer and Autumn.

Get Involved

As part of this project we are doing some reflective interviews with a ‘dramatic twist’. These interviews will be used as a starting point to develop an original piece of theatre.


Where You’re At is a project about life, journeys, transformation, obstacles, new experiences, growth, survival and many other things. This project is a work in progress and through this site we are inviting people to have a role in its progression.

We begin with stories of change and mould these stories into art, statements, performance, information, motivation and more.

If you are a young adult with experience of migration, we would love you to get involved with this project by becoming part of a creative team.

To begin we are asking people who have experienced migration to answer the following questions. You can answer these questions on the online form or contact Michelle who will arrange to meet you in person or online. Email: michelle@collective-encounters.org.uk Tel: 07403620529