Here you can access some of the resources we’ve produced through our projects and research.

Arts and Dementia Toolkit

We are delighted to launch our Pocket Guide to Arts Activities for people living with dementia. This Pocket Guide has been designed to be used by both health care professionals and home carers either in group settings or on a one-to-one basis. It has been produced thanks to a grant from the Baring Foundation as part of Collective Encounters’ Live and Learn project. It is free to download here, or if you are the family member or carer we can send you a hard copy. The price of a hard copy of the toolkit is £5.
Arts ans Dementia Pocket Guide (2nd Edition)

Arts and Dementia: bringing professional Arts Practice into Care Settings

This short report is the result of a substantial literature review exploring the academic and grey literature pertaining to Arts and Dementia.  It articulates the evidenced benefits and impacts of using the arts with people with dementia; and highlights good practice in the field.
Arts and Dementia Report

David Clegg talks Arts and Dementia

Since 2000 David has worked with more than 1500 people with dementia to produce a unique archive of stories, letters, drawings, films and music. David’s two books, Ancient Mysteries and Tell Mrs. Mill were recently adapted for Radio 4. David speaks here about his experience of this work, the challenges it poses and the politics at play, and ends by sharing some readings from Ancient Mysteries. Recorded on 2nd November 2011 at the launch of our Live and Learn project.
David Clegg at Collective Encounters” Live and Learn Launch (mp3)

Karen Hayes talks Arts and Dementia

As our Arts and Dementia consultant, Karen is guiding Collective Encounters in best practice on our Live and Learn project. With extensive experience of working in care homes and individually in community settings Karen uses poetry to capture the experiences and stories of people with dementia. Karen shares her experiences and her work in this podcast. Recorded on 2nd November 2011 at the launch of our Live and Learn project.
Karen Hayes speaking at Collective Encounters Live and Learn launch (mp3)

Arts and Regeneration Resource

A report we produced to inform Living Place Project,  concerned with the impact regeneration was having on the communities of north Liverpool. The report was useful for artists and others working on the project and was also made available to local people and community organisations to try and de-mystify the regeneration process.
Regeneration in Context

Streetscape: Arts and Liverpool’s Homeless Community

A research report and project evaluation discussing a short term initiative with the homeless community in Liverpool which explored with over 90 homeless and ex-homeless people if they thought theatre might be a useful tool for change. The report contains information about the key issues confronting homeless people today, as well as creative work the participants developed and an analysis of the process and findings.