An anthology of poetry written by marginalised groups including young people in care, and those experiencing homelessness and dementia.

It’s our 15th year of  running participatory arts programmes inspiring personal, social and political change with people who are socially and economically disadvantaged, or experiencing isolation, such as the homeless community, people with dementia, or looked after children.

With your help, we can launch and publish The Collective Encounter.

The Collective Encounter is an anthology of poetry written by artists & activists on the margins of society, about the margins of society.

Split into three volumes,The Collective Encounter features:

–  an introduction by Manchester based poet Louise Wallwein

– a new poem by Curtis Watt

–  ‘Bits that Stick to your Mind‘, written by people living with dementia with poet Karen Hayes

– Farewell Welfare, a collection of poems written by people with experience of homelessness including ‘I Want to go Home’‘Brexit Haiku’, ‘The Can’t Can’t’

– ‘Changing Words’, a collection written by young people with experience of the care system including ‘Underwater’ and ‘Less Alone’

All these poems have been written through Theatre for Social Change workshops with those experiencing marginalisation, led by artists from Collective Encounters.

This is a real opportunity to showcase to the world the lives and experience of these individuals, and these powerful and moving poems show the significance and responsibility of art in relationship with politics and wider societal issues.

As well as covering the costs of creating the books, this kickstarter will help us fund our new Emerging Artist Training Programme, and launch the careers of 13 emerging artists who have experienced marginalisation.

This is a chance for you to support the vital work of a company internationally recognised for their high standards in participatory arts. The arts can transform people’s lives, you can contribute to making that possible.

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