The Street Where the Stories Live began as a series of autobiographical poems and stories relating to objects connected to home. From there the group began to explore fictional characters, which are based to greater or lesser extent on their own lives. This diverse cast bring an incredibly broad range of life experiences, stories and opinions about political decisions that drive where we call home.

It’s a show about the places we call ours, what they mean to us and what happens when we have to leave them. It’s about staying in, moving out, setting off and longing to return. It’s about migration, hostile environments and seeking sanctuary amongst shaky foundations.

CE:YT create an immersive environment of storytelling, poetry, music and movement that breaks the fourth wall whilst trying to keep a roof over everyone’s heads.


What Audiences Said

“Beautiful, powerful, impactful – it was lovely to see the connection the actors have with each other as well as their own individual stories.”

“I’m so glad you shared these stories”

“This was fantastic! So powerful, moving and imaginatively done. I hope more people can see it.”

“This was the best, perfect, most-meaningful, powerful, relevant and eye-opening performance.”

“What a wonderful, emotive piece showcasing the absolute talent we have in this city”

“Really good to see a diversity of young people’s narratives on stage”

“Very heartfelt, performed with great integrity”

“Brilliant, I had no idea what to expect and was completely blown away!”