Calling all women who are passionate about fighting injustice!

Have you been involved in creating positive change in your community?

Add your voice to a celebration of women’s activism in Merseyside

Women in Action is an arts and heritage project that aims to gather and celebrate untold stories of women living through challenging times in the late 20th and early 21st centuries in Merseyside.

We are interested in talking to women from a range of backgrounds who have been involved in formal and informal community organising in Merseyside and hope to gather a mix of stories from both the past and more recent activism.

  • Trade unions
  • Tenants unions
  • Black Lives Matter
  • CND
  • LGBTQ+ rights
  • Women on the Waterfront
  • Health campaigning
  • Climate activism
  • Mum’s groups
  • Social care campaigning
  • Mutual aid groups
  • Anti-racism
  • Domestic violence support
  • Political organising
  • Veteran support
  • Reproductive rights
  • Local campaigning
  • Arts activism
  • Charities & voluntary groups


If you or someone you know is a woman with experience in any of these areas, recently or in the past, get in touch with or call 07564 356809 to find out how you can share your story

The stories gathered will contribute to a new play to be performed in 2021, and a permanent archive of women’s activism to be housed at the Museum of Liverpool.