There’s a desire now for things that we can watch online that are responsive and urgent. It’s great that there’s so much available on Netflix, but it takes much longer to produce something at that level than it does to put together a piece of fringe theatre. Amy Clare Tasker, The Cockpit:

AUDIENCE, AGENCY AND ACTION: Thursday 25th February 2021

Is Digital Participatory Theatre rewriting the rules for audiences (and makers)?

In conversation with Tassos Stevens (The Delegation, Coney), Debbie Bandara (New Worlds, Forest Tribe Theatre) and Abi Horsfield and Caitlin Strongarm (Above and Beyond, Collective Encounters).

  • Explored the capacity of digital software, hardware and platforms to create new experiences for audiences
  • Examined relationships between form, intentionality of performance and audience agency
  • Discussed accessibility and reach in the digital sphere

Download the Jam Board co-created by the event’s participants or view the images below.