There’s a desire now for things that we can watch online that are responsive and urgent. It’s great that there’s so much available on Netflix, but it takes much longer to produce something at that level than it does to put together a piece of fringe theatre.

Amy Clare Tasker, The Cockpit:


In conversation with Collective Encounters, Maya Chowdhry (Virtual Migrants, Ethical People Movement) and Nathan Powell (Small Gifts) to discuss how digital participatory theatre methods can provide new ways of looking at and platforming social issues pertinent to communities and 

  • Consider suitable digital methods and platforms to allow communities to take ownership over their stories and creative work
  • Investigate the uniqueness of the participatory theatre process and experience in a digital sphere
  • Question the value and ethics of global reach
  • Explore ethics and authorship involved in digital practice

Download the Jam Board that we co-created with the event’s participants or view the images below.