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Above and Beyond is a new theatre for social change project happening in Birkenhead.

Over the next two years we are inviting people of all ages to come along and join in with workshops and discussions on society, art, politics, culture or anything they feel passionate about.


We will be running several taster sessions for the following groups in October:

Wednesday 2nd October, 10am -12pm, The Spider Project

Thursday 3rd October, 10am -12.30pm, Tomorrow’s Women

Thursday 3rd October, 1pm-3pm, Wirral Change BME Carers Group

Tuesday 24th October, 10.30am – 12.30pm, Wirral Change Polish Group

Wed 25th October, 11am, Wirral Change Women’s Group


Use theatre and art to bring social and political issues to the forefront.

Tell Stories and take part in lively debates about things that matter.

Share your views with politicians and decision makers.


No previous experience needed
All event and workshops are free
Refreshments & food throughout
No auditions
No need to book
Travel expenses reimbursed


Do you have something to say?
Are you up for trying something new?
Do you know people who might want to get involved?

Contact Abi: 07849094903 | 0151 345 6266 | abi@collective-encounters.org.uk