Calling question: What does the changing world of participatory theatre look like 2021 and beyond?

Our sector has historically been at the forefront of artistic and cultural innovation […] Those whom we work with are generating the culture of tomorrow. The Importance of Participatory Arts – An Open Letter, ArtsChain

In March 2020 we entered the crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic and while theatre buildings sadly closed their doors, participatory and community work pivoted online quickly and with astounding innovation. This was a reflection of the vision, values, and ambition of our sector to continue to engage with people in meaningful ways. Reflecting on our experiences through 2020/2021, we asked: 

  • How effective was the response for communities experiencing our work?
  • How can we ensure cultural spaces are equitable and accessible for all?
  • How might the past year of developments inform the future of the participatory theatre?
  • Where and how is participatory theatre reflected in cultural policy? What role can we play in COVID-19 recovery?

Download the Jam Board co-created by the event’s participants or view the images below.

Speaker presentations

Watch the video of the speaker’s opening provocations. Slides are available to download below.

Jamie Beddard: The Future of Participatory Theatre

Sarah Thornton: The Future of Participatory Theatre

Jennie Jordan: Have you tried the Arts Council?

Burnley Youth Theatre