If you’re interested in thinking about the bigger picture, about why our current systems are not working for everyone and how we might start to think about alternatives, we’ve found some very useful resources and interesting websites to get you started.

If you have 5 minutes watch John Holloway’s  beautifully animated and provocative dream of a post-capitalist future.

If you have 10 minutes watch the David Harvey’s RSA Animate of the Crisis of Capitalism which offers brilliant insight.

If you have an hour watch Noam Chomsky talking about who owns the world, discussing resistance and ways forward with intellectual rigour and real clarity.

If you have a little time to browse, visit Films for Action: a massive library of films about social and political change and campaigning issues.

There are many other larger and grass-roots organisations for you to get involved with if you have a bit of time to give.

If you have links that you think would be helpful and interesting in the field of radical social and political change please share them with us.