Anti-Racism Pledge 2022

Collective Encounters is committed to achieving diversity across our staff, board, programmes and audiences, reflecting our community in the Liverpool City Region and internationally, and we know that creating a truly inclusive culture is a journey.

We are an open and progressive organisation with social justice at the forefront of our work. We proactively seek to include diverse and under-represented voices, and to tackle and educate those whose actions are seen as discriminatory. We will speak out against racism and embed allyship in our Theatre for Social Change practice and strategic work.

This pledge sits alongside our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy and Action Plan. In 2022-23 we pledge to:

  • Increase opportunities for partnerships with organisations and local participation with Black people, people of colour and ethnic communities through specifically designed strands of our participatory programme and developing meaningful partnerships.
  • Continue to educate ourselves and all those involved in our work on anti-racism, with on-going learning across programme and operations. The aim for this is to create a culture of challenge, reflection, and continued dialogue for the future.
  • Continue to commission and recruit Black people, people of colour and people from ethnic communities as artists, board members, educators, administrators and makers across all strands of work.
  • Increase representation ensuring opportunities for individual voices to be amplified through our communications and platforms.
  • Continue to analyse and develop our recruitment processes trying out new ways to reach Black people, people of colour and ethnic communities, and for the opportunities we offer to be of interest to them.
  • Contribute to long-term change within the community and participatory theatre sector by ensuring our Centre for Excellence in Participatory Theatre resources and events are relevant and resonate with Black people, people of colour and ethnic communities.
  • Continue with the decolonisation of our Centre for Excellence in Participatory Theatre resources and events.
  • Create safe spaces, free from micro-aggressions, for Black people, people of colour and ethnic communities to work, learn and participate.
  • Evolve this pledge as we consult and develop our plans and specific programme outputs for the year.

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