These downloads provide a valuable insight into the impact of our work on individuals, communities and the wider arts sector.

Our 2017-18 highlights

Summary of youth programme 2010 – 2017

Above and Beyond Interim Report

Above and Beyond Interim Report

Live and Learn

Live and Learn 10 years (digital)

Live and Learn Evaluation Report 2015

Live and Learn Full Evaluation


Transitions Evaluation Report

Transitions Qualitative Evaluation Report 2016

Other Ways of Telling

Other Ways of Telling Evaluation Report

Other Ways of Telling Evaluation 2013

Creative Theatre Hubs Development Programme

Creative Theatre Hubs Evaluation Report

Out of Service?


RegenerARTS Community Arts Training Programme, St Helens

RegenerARTS Evaluation

Wirral Community Artists Training Programme

Wirral Training Evaluation

Now and Then

Now and Then Evaluation

Songs from the Streets

Songs from the Streets Evaluation

You can read on-line or download the following evaluations:

State of the Nation

State of the Nation Evaluation


Disconnected Evaluation

Living Place Project

Living Place Project Final Evaluation