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About this event:

Much of participatory theatre aims to engage marginalised communities and give a platform to hidden stories that don’t often find space in the mainstream media.

The term “theatre from lived experience” has become common in the participatory theatre lexicon to describe an approach to making theatre with communities which deals with the real issues in their lives. This event will explore the ethics of this practice.

Topics for discussion may include:

  • Where the power lies when making theatre from lived experience
  • Ownership and authorship of this work
  • The idea of story as a commodity
  • Problematising the idea of ‘giving voice’
  • Verbatim testimony versus dramatic response


Amanda Huxtable: Director, Producer, Mentor, Consultant

Aidan Jolly: Radical Makers Course Director, Collective Encounters

Format of event:

Open Space are participant-led events where the agenda and discussion are driven by the participants. At the beginning of the event guest speakers will be introduce the key ideas, principles and practices behind the theme of the event. Participants will then be able to propose sessions they’d like to lead or go to. Participants will be able to move freely between Zoom rooms to follow the topics they feel passionate about pursuing, finding out more about and sharing their own experiences and views.


This event will use live transcription. If you require BSL interpretation, or any other access support please get in touch before the event.