Doing Art Research in a Pandemic

A DIY collection sharing reflections, research activities and methods that have emerged during Covid-19. Sections include: Narrating & Documenting, Creative Processes & Arts Practices, Social Engagement & Activism, Collaboration, Live to Digital, Tools & Processes, Reflections & Commentaries. Compiled by Vida Midgelow, 2020.

No Going Back

Part tool-kit, part think piece this publication puts the artist at the heart of imagining and activating a better future to come out of this crisis. Originating in the US but with relevance for practitioners globally. The Center for Cultural Power, 2020.

Radical Education Workbook

Although this isn't directly an arts-toolkit, it is relevant and useful for arts practitioners interested in taking a radical approach to educational theatre/arts projects. Plenty of theory and practice, case studies and exercises. Radical Education Forum, 2012.

Aesthetics Short Takes

This framework offers eleven attributes for using arts as a tool for change. It aims to enable artists to shape the criteria by which their work is assessed. For more Animating Democracy resources go here. Animating Democracy, Americans for the Arts, 2017

The Citizen’s Handbook

A toolkit for community-based activism covering community engagement, facilitation and community organisation. The toolkit is useful for practitioners seeking to understand group dynamics, sustainable community engagement. Citizen’s Handbook, 2019

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