Cultural Democracy

Faster But Slower

Coming out of Arts Council England’s Creative People and Places programme, this report offers some valuable provocations and learning around community engaged arts practice. Useful thinking for any participatory/collaborative artists. Mark Robinson, 2016

Power Up

An inspiring ‘think piece’ that explores power and shared decision making in participatory arts, looking at the ethics, values and politics of the work. An important read for all in the sector. Chrissie Tiller, 2017

Taking Bearings

Coming out of Arts Council England’s Creative People and Places projects, this toolkit offers a series of prompts and provocations to support a collaborative creative journey. Louise White for MBA Associates, Arts Council England, 2015

Shared Decision Making

This toolkit offers examples, tips and tools from Arts Council England’s Creative People and Places that show some of the ways local people have been involved in shaping and steering arts projects. Lousie White for MBA Associates, 2015

Aesthetics Short Takes

This framework offers eleven attributes for using arts as a tool for change. It aims to enable artists to shape the criteria by which their work is assessed. For more Animating Democracy resources go here. Animating Democracy, Americans for the Arts, 2017

Cultural Democracy in Practice

Cultural Democracy describes an approach to arts and culture that engages everyone in deciding what culture is, where it happens, who makes it, and who experiences it. The toolkit looks at how we can achieve culturally democratic practices. 64 Million Artists, 2018

Imaginings: A DIY guide to arts-based community dialogue

Imaginings are art-infused gatherings for community visioning, inviting diverse groups of artists, organisers, and community members to envision their communities’ futures. The toolkit includes historical context as well as tools for project management and delivery. US Dept. Arts & Culture, 2019

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