Generic Social Outcomes

A suite of resources from Arts Council England aimed to help artists provide evidence on the wider benefits of arts and cultural activities, focussed on Health & Wellbeing, Stronger & Safer Communities and Strengthening Public Life.

ArtWorks Code of Practice

One in a suite of publications looking at national standards in participatory arts from Paul Hamlyn Foundation's ArtsWorks. It is a useful guide for anyone wanting to benchmark their practice and ensure the highest standards. Kathryn Deane for PHF, 2014

Evaluation in Participatory Arts Programmes

This report comes out of Arts Council England’s Creative People and Places programme and offers evaluation models, methodologies and tools. A valuable resource for anyone evaluating their own collaborative/participatory practice. Other resources from CPP can be found here. Sarah Davies (ed) for Arts Council England, 2016

Applied Theatre: Facilitation

This book gives a critical analysis of the role of the facilitator through the lens of pedagogy, practice and resilience. It presents a range of perspectives from practitioners. For more from the Applied Theatre Series look here. Sheila Preston, 2016

The Social Impact of the Arts in Liverpool

This report gives an introduction to what social impact in the arts means and draws on Liverpool City Council funded case studies to illustrate how the arts can help meet strategic social agenda. Annette Burghes & Sarah Thornton, 2017

Social Impact Study of UK Theatre

This academic report looked at UK theatre in the early 2000s. It drew out ten social impacts, categorised into personal, group, civic and ‘hard’. One of very few studies into theatre specifically, and still useful for benchmarking and advocacy. University of Sheffield, 2006

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