This piece of work has been developed through workshops with participants who identify as LGBTQ+ from a variety of ages, and led by facilitator Anthony Scott. Participants explored the power of their community and identified their own queer icons, interrogating the history told about this community and recognising those who may have gone under the radar. 

Over the weeks participants wrote a series of letters that are performed here. These letters are addressed to specific people but they’re for the world to hear. This project aims to ignite the community action in all of the participants because as queer people we still have a lot to fight for.

Anthony Scott is 18 years old and from Anfield. They began to develop an interest in drama and art at a young age when part of youth clubs that have now sadly closed down. As a queer person, Anthony is determined to use their art as a way to communicate with others and challenge the oppressions within society. Anthony is currently studying on the Applied Theatre course at LIPA and this is their first solo-led project as a facilitator.