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A soundscape commissioned by Collective Encounters asking:

1. What have you been hearing more of now that our world has got quieter?


2. What do you want to hear when this is all over?

Aisling has been a performer for many years and, more recently, a voice actor. Locally she has voiced audio projects for The Alligator Club,  Mercy Productions and The Lantern Company, and co-produced a community soundscape with Torrid Star Productions for Hope Street Ltd’s “Four Corners” exhibition at The Bluecoat.

Best enjoyed with headphones


Produced by Aisling Leyne at Lashing Rain Voice Overs

With original music by Jodie Mamatung and Nana Funk

Huge thanks to Collective Encounters, Paper Work Theatre. Torrid Star Productions and all who helped spread the word

To Rosa and Oscar for practising so hard

And to Eithne Browne, Roy Carruthers and Steffi Sweeney who lent a voice to others

Most of all thanks to everyone listed below who helped create it

List of Contributors

Abi Horsefield & Casey 

Alice Rowbottom

Angie Waller

Barbara Holt

Becky Barnett & Rosa 

Becky Bowman

Benny Tsang

Beverley Burnand & Ruben 

Eden Turner

Emily Turner

Greg Holt

Julie Kellington & Nia 

Jodie Mellor

Karen Skiddle 

Katy-Anne Bellis

Ken Holt

Lisa Chae

Nick Kellington 

Nikki Huston & Gray 

Pauline Chae

Pauline McKenna 

Ritchie Swan

Roy Carruthers

Philippa Roots & Oscar 

Roger Davies

Rowan Watts

Sesmin Ewing

Sie Banks & Bob


Tammy Siebold

Tessa Buddle

Tony Chops

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