Collective Encounters’ Learning Administrator Wendy is seeking participants to contribute a short video for a piece of digital participatory theatre.


Wendy is exploring the theme of loneliness and has created some performance elements responding to this theme. She is now reaching out to fellow creatives who are willing to answer some questions (listed below) as honest and as raw as you can and capture your answers on video.


  • What is your definition of loneliness?
  • Have you ever experienced loneliness?
  • What effect do you think loneliness has on mental health?
  • What have you tried/ recommended to do to overcome/combat loneliness?


Top tips for creating the video:

  • Videos can be created from your smartphone or tablet
  • Record the video in landscape
  • Leave a noticeable pause between each answer to the questions to aid in the editing process
  • Additionally, take a ten second video of your face (in landscape) just smiling


Completed video recordings should be sent to via


Alternatively, you can email Wendy to arrange a quick zoom call with you and record it directly from there.


Once Wendy has the recordings, she will edit them into her piece to create the final performance. This will be shared with our current cohort of Radical Makers as inspiration for their own pieces that they will be creating.  The final video will be sent to each participant for approval before it is shared.  With approval, the piece may also be shared through Collective Encounters social media to showcase some of what we do.


Should you decide that you no longer wish to participate at any point, please email Wendy with your request and we will remove your contribution.


If you have any questions or would like to learn more about what digital participatory theatre is, please contact Wendy:


Call/text: 07519 958433