A quick update (in-between theatre making, storytelling, snow fights and warming meals) from two Youth Theatre members on what they’ve been up to during part two of their exchange with Västerbottensteatern

British/Swedish Culture & Weather



Greetings from Skellefteå!

All is well and we’re enjoying the abundant snow from just outside the Arctic Circle.

Some are taking to the cold weather easier than others. Sliding down a snow slope on a mattress-sled wearing jeans wasn’t a good idea from some people. Particularly for the person who ended up with ice in their thermals and only discovered their over-trousers when we were back in the room (won’t mention names).

A couple of sore muscles after the sledding and a few queasy stomachs are all that has affected us so far so things are going well since nurse Jess is on hand.

Food is warm and really yummy; massive thank you to Lillemor for cooking as well. I have now learned how to successfully use a Swedish cheese knife after a few false starts, and sausage in the snow was a moment to savour.

Credit also goes to Maggan for her excellent English (even if she doesn’t believe it) and to Aimee for an impressive grip on Swedish. You make the rest of us look lazy.

As this is an exchange project, I should probably mention that English nursery rhymes have been sung, and we’ve learnt some ABBA (in Swedish); because we’re all about breaking stereotypes and changing perceptions.

Big shout out too to Matty (the ginger guardian) and Ben (the bathroom thief: don’t ask!) for entertaining us with all their shenanigans.

The one thing that we didn’t need adjusting to was the group. It was strangely wonderful to instantly come together and jump straight into making theatre; so far we have laughed, cried, fallen over and created some beautiful work together.

We shall savour every second, for our time here is finite.


Diary Entry: Day 3



To start the day we explored one of the schools in Skellefteå. The morning began with with Maggan, being interviewed and interviewing another person we hadn’t communicated with on their:

  • Name
  • Family
  • Interests
  • A dream you had when you were little
  • A dream you have now
  • Open question

We also learned a melodic song/game and did some ensemble work about different emotions on some of the topics that were talked about. These included fake news, arts in education and more.

After exploring the school we were told about the education system by Robin; their college sixth form is like university as they are encouraged to stay in education due to the struggles of employment.

We were give the opportunity tor try our own songs – current, made up or remixed. It was fun to explore everyone’s creative mind. The physical theatre was thrilling – fast-paced then slow – I enjoyed the rhythm, allowing us not to lose focus too quickly and look at how we responded as a group.

Pizza was nice!

To end the theatre work we told stories, beginning with pictures. We looked at them and the stories we thought about during that time – they were deep, humorous, emotional, relieving and more. The session was very good as it allowed us to explore our stories and feel connected to the concept of each individual story.