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Social Impact Study of UK Theatre

This academic report looked at UK theatre in the early 2000s. It drew out ten social impacts, categorised into personal, group, civic and ‘hard’. One of very few studies into theatre specifically, and still useful for benchmarking and advocacy. University of Sheffield, 2006

Policy Action Team 10: A Report to the Social Exclusion Unit

Seminal government report that sets out how the then Labour government believed sport and the arts could contribute to neighbourhood renewal, community development and social inclusion. Marked a turning point in government policy with regards arts and culture. DCMS, 1999

Use or Ornament? The Social Impact of Participation in the Arts

The first major report to describe the impacts that participatory arts can have in terms of personal development, social cohesion, community empowerment, local image and identity, imagination and health and wellbeing. As valuable now as it was then. Francois Matarasso, 1997

A Policy for the Arts: First Steps

The first UK government White Paper for the arts, which set out radical new ideas and values around art for the many not for the few. Jenny Lee MP, 1965

Let’s Create

Arts Council England's ten year strategy from 2020 - 2030. Arts Council England, 2020.

Municipal Artist Partnerships

An excellent toolkit, described as: A “relationship guide” to forging strong and sustainable creative partnerships between local governments and artists. USA specific but with lots of relevance for practitioners internationally. Blade of Grass / Animating Democracy, 2020.

Proof of the Pudding

A resource for artists to help them demonstrate the value and impact of participatory arts and develop partnerships for funding work. Produced in collaboration with Artworks Alliance. People Dancing, 2020.