Theatre of the Oppressed in Practice Today

An excellent overview of how Theatre of the Oppressed has evolved and is being practiced internationally today, with tips, principles, case studies and conversations. A most useful read for practitioners. Ali Campbell, 2019 

A Restless Art: How Participation Won and Why it Matters

A fantastic overview of the development of participatory arts, with historical context, analysis of themes and principles and a clear understanding of where we are and how we got here. A must read. More resources on the supporting website. Francois Matarasso, 2019 

Performance and Community: Commentary and Case Studies

This book presents case studies from UK artists and organisations working in social and community contexts, focusing on their aesthetic and political ambitions rather than the ‘healing, educational or problem solving’ frame the work is often cast in.  Caoimhe McAvinchey, [...]

What is Theatre for Social Change

This paper describes and defines theatre for social change as a specific field of practice, considering the features that differentiate it from other forms of participatory and applied drama.  Sarah Thornton, 2013 

The Applied Theatre Reader

This book brings together case studies from practitioners and academics that explore the key themes behind Applied Theatre, with chapters exploring representation, ethics, participation, intervention, border crossing, transformation and globalisation.  Tim Prenki & Sheila Preston (ed), 2009