Launched in 2020 the Women in Action project has engaged hundreds of women from across the Liverpool City Region and beyond. 

The Ballad of 18 Women 2022

Incorporating testimonies recorded in oral history interviews as well as poetic narration and original music and song to give an insight into the incredible contributions women make every day to improve lives in our region.Featuring the voices of: Alma Brown, Anna Reid, Anne Gorton, Anya Chapman, Chantelle Lunt, Clara Paillard, Doreen McNally, Felicity Dowling, Imogen Woolley, Johanna Schweier, June Hudson, Keith Barber, Libby Mackay, Lois Woolley, Lynda Cash, Maddy Vaz, Margaret Mariette, Mary O’Sullivan, Olivia Graham, Terri Heldt, Tracey Dunn, Zi Lan Liao.

Written by Sarah Thornton, Composed by Bethany Kay Hopkins, Directed by Tessa Buddle, Sound Design by Karen Lauke, Artwork by Doriscakes Creates.

The Ballad of 18 Women is also available as a podcast on Spotify, Google, Apple, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Watch a captioned version of the Ballad of 18 Women

International Women’s Day 2021

Recordings of an online solidarity event on 8 March 2021 hosted in partnership with the Socialist Health Association, Save Liverpool Women’s Hospital and Merseyside People Before Profit. Speakers include trade unionists, health campaigners, and community activists, with poetry from Amina Atiq and music from Christella Litras and the Women in Action group.

Lockdown Reflections 2020

An audio collection of creative reflections by older people about their experience of lockdown.

This Ink Spells Out My Resilience 2020

A collaborative audio work bringing together the voices and creativity of queer women who took part in an online storytelling and poetry workshop as part of Homotopia Festival.

Women in [Socially Distanced] Action 2020

This booklet brings together stories, poems and artworks from women who took part in online and postal activities during 2021, reflecting on what it means to be a ‘woman in action’ during a pandemic. To request a free copy of the booklet, email