Verbatim, Verbatim: Contemporary Documentary Theatre

This book explores verbatim theatre with perspectives from several influential late 20th century theatre makers who took the form into the theatrical mainstream to make innovative political theatre.  Will Hammond & Dan Stewart, 2008 

Reminiscence Theatre: Making Theatre from Memories

This definitive book is a practical ‘how to guide’ for Reminiscence Theatre with case studies and examples by the originator of the style.  For a shorter introduction to the work read this free download.  Pam Schweitzer, 2007 

The Community Performance Reader

This anthology brings together writing from major community performance theorists and practitioners from the UK, USA, Australia and beyond.  Petra Kuppers & Gwen Robertson (ed), 2007 

Applied Drama: The Gift of Theatre

This was one of the first books to set participatory theatre in an academic frame of reference. It looks at applied drama from a critical perspective asking important questions about purpose, efficacy, value and ethics.  Helen Nicholson, 2005 

Theatre and Empowerment: Community Drama on the World Stage

The eight international case studies in this book show a broad range of participatory theatre approaches, each demonstrating radical empowerment, and offering provocative food for thought for practitioners. Richard Boon & Jane Plastow, 2004 

Applied Theatre: An E-debate

This article offers a broad range of insights into what academics and practitioners understand by the term Applied Theatre, and gives a good over view of the terrain.  Research in Drama Education, 2004 

Community Theatre: Global Perspectives

One of the first books to document international community theatre through detailed case studies. These are excellent observations of diverse practices. Van Erven went on to establish the International Community Arts Festival.  Eugene van Erven, 2001 

Games for Actors and Non Actors

This book gives a detailed introduction to Boal’s theories and sets out the different forms of Theatre of the Oppressed, including Image, Invisible and Forum theatre. Also includes many practical theatre games. For many more books by Boal about different aspects of TO look here. Augusto Boal, 1992 

Verbatim Theatre: Oral History and Documentary Techniques

This is an excellent description of social documentary theatre, explaining how the form works and its historical roots. Helpful for contemporary practitioners to better understand the form and see its applications.  Derek Paget, 1987