Collective Encounters youth theatre created a resilient alternative to society called The Centre, a place where the people matter and everything you need is at your finger-tips. The audience were invited to an open evening to see what the group had built. The group introduced them to the fantastic services that are provided at The Centre, free of charge for all who join!

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To tackle austerity and cuts Collective Encounters encouraged attendees to not just experience the show but to take action. Below are a few suggestions:

5 Things You Can Do!

1. Get involved with your local anti-austerity movement; attend meetings, organise events and protest! Check out Merseyside People’s Assembly:

2. Lobby your Councillors and MP’s. By writing, emailing and giving presentations, members of the public can influence the way members of parliament vote in the House of Commons. Visit lobbying/.

3. Boycott big business and begin to support local and independent businesses in Merseyside. Take a look at what’s on offer locally: www.independent-

4. Contact local support services if you need to. They offer advice and help on a range of issues including debt, housing, benefit entitlements and employment.