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making digital participatory theatre

A series of four filmed essays & case studies for anyone incorporating digital technology and platforms into their creative practice. 

Designed to help people navigate a complex ethical and technical field the chapters respond to the following questions: 

  1. Chapter One: What is the difference between a digital and a live participatory theatre process?
  2. Chapter Two: What is the message and how does the medium reflect this?
  3. Chapter Three: Who is the audience and how can they participate?
  4. Chapter Four: Digital platforms and production methods: Why and how?


participatory theatre timeline

The Participatory Theatre Timeline charts the development of Participatory Theatre in the UK from the 1960s to the present.

It describes the different theatre/art forms that have been the building blocks for current practice.

These entries offer a snapshot description, historical and present day examples and also provides links for further reading.


brief encounters

Brief Encounters are a series of short films offering introductions to ideas and themes within the participatory theatre sector.

These short two minute films include contributions f

  1. On ‘Power Sharing’ from Chrissie Tiller. 
  2. On ‘Diversity’ from Jamie Beddard. 
  3. On ‘Artistic Activism’ from Stephen Duncombe. 
  4. On ‘Culture, Democracy and the Right to Make Art’ from Alison Jeffers. 
  5. On ‘Cultural Democracy’ from Dr. Steven Hadley. 
  6. On ‘The Future of Participatory Theatre’ from Arti Prashar. 
  7. On ‘Liberal and Radical Change’ from Sarah Thornton. 


Books, reports and toolkits free to download, and pointers to other items that can be ordered through your local library or bought online.