social distancing

The role of the Arts during the Covid-19 Pandemic

This report draws on a range of literature to explore (i) how audiences and arts behaviours changed and whether such changes are showing signs of becoming persistent within our society, (ii) how and why the arts helped people to cope during the pandemic, and (iii) how those working within the arts and cultural sector have been affected. Bradbury, Warran, Mak & Fancourt (University College London), 2021

The Space

A comprehensive resource with advice and guidance to help with everything from creative development and production, to live streaming and performance capture, finding an audience online and measuring success.

Innovations in Socially Distanced Performance

Innovations in Socially Distant Performance is a project which studies the aesthetics, philosophies, tools, and artists who are transforming the fields of virtual live performance and socially distant productions. This continually updated website is a place to create community, share information, inspire invention, and document the expanding art form, with an emphasis on sharing the tools and techniques of a reimagined trade.