This June our Third Age Theatre company took their show of songs and skits Wealth is Health to this  years ACTA Theatre Festival in Bristol. As well as the performance, Participation Manager Mandy Redvers-Rowe delivered two workshops entitled What is Theatre for Social Change.

More information on ACTA and the festival can be found at their website.

Wealth is Health

Wealth is Health is a new show offering a satirical and fresh look at health inequalities in the UK. Wealth is Health draws upon nine months of field research undertaken in older people’s settings, and desk research into the social and economic factors that influence an individual’s health and life expectancy. Directed by Amanda Redvers Rowe and written by Sarah Thornton, Wealth is Health is performed by Collective Encounters’ resident Third Age Acting Company.

Running time: 40 minutes

Suitable for: 11+


What is Theatre for Social Change?

This practical workshop for community performers, students, practitioners and academics will explore Collective Encounters’ approach to making political theatre with communities. The workshop will be delivered by Amanda Redvers Rowe, Head of Participation at Collective Encounters with support from members of the Third Age Acting Company.