My name is Aisling, I am a Liverpool based voice actor creating a soundscape of our community during lock down for Collective Encounters: as part of the “Above and Beyond” project:

I have been listening to the world more now that I am seeing less of it, and I want to know if others are doing the same?

I am exploring what we are hearing more of and what we want to shout about when this is all overThe soundscape will be available to listen to on the Collective Encounters’ website towards the end of June, but in order to first create it, I need your help:

I am asking folk to answer either one or both of the following questions:
1. What have you been hearing more of now that our world has gone quieter?
2. What is the one thing you want to hear when this is all over?

I am then asking you to record these sounds / spoken thoughts or expressions/ rants/ stories/ poems and send them to me to help create the sound of our community’s lock down.

Mobile phone recordings are absolutely fine but if it is not possible to record at all you are welcome to just email me the ideas that you would like me to record for you.

Due to copyright I can only include music if it is original:
By sending me your own music or poem you are allowing me to use it, or part of it, within the piece.

Collective Encounters will own the finished collective soundscape but will have no copyright over your work. No money will be made from the soundscape.

I will be crediting everyone who has contributed but if you wish to remain anonymous just let me know when you send in your sound.

Please send everything by Friday 29th May 2020 to:


I look forward to hearing your sounds
Stay safe everyone