Collective Encounters’ Third Age Company took their fabulous cabaret style performance, Wealth is Health on an incredible tour in July, performing in a variety of arts, health and community venues in Liverpool and beyond.


Venues and Dates

Parr Library, St Helens – Friday 9th June

Extra Care, Coventry – Saturday 10th June

The Albany Theatre, Coventry – Saturday 10th June

West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds – Wednesday 14th June

Aintree Hospital, Liverpool – Friday 16th June

The Brain Charity, Liverpool – Wednesday 21st June



Difficult issues handled with humour and understanding

Excellent. Loved the humor. Healing power. We need more arts in hospitals.


Excellent treatment of a serious subject with great performances

I thought it was hilarious and to the point


Things you can do

  1. Lobby your local authority to hold a “National Conversation on Health Inequalities” as part of Public Health England’s national programme.
  2. Learn how you or your community or voluntary organisation can find out more and learn how to be involved in decision making in relation to public health, such as becoming involved in your local CCG.
  3. Lobby your MP or local councillor to implement the recommendations of the Due North report into Public Health Inequality for the North of England.
  4. Lobby and protest against the privatisation of specific services locally.
  5. Lobby for more and better primary care services – particularly an increase of GP’s in poor areas.

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